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Engr. Shamir Shakir

Pensioner Verification Mobile App

Developed under Ministry of Finance

Pensioner Verification app streamlines life verification for Bangladesh government pensioners. Users can easily confirm their status with real-time gestures, access pension information, and securely retrieve ePPO. The app employs advanced real-time image matching for enhanced security, ensuring efficient and transparent pension processes.

NASA Lunatics Mining Robot

Lunar mining robot built for lunar surface

Shamir Shakir and Team “MIST LUNABOTICS EKUSH” made history at NASA’s Lunabotics Mining Competition. Despite visa challenges, they secured the highest number of trophies, claiming the 6th spot out of 50 teams. Their outstanding performance signals a significant leap for Bangladesh in global technology and innovation.

Road Sign detection for smart car

ADAS module for smart car

Innovating Road Safety: Shamir Shakir developed an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) module for Volkswagen, employing SVM for precise road sign detection. The module seamlessly communicates signals via the CAN bus, enhancing road safety. This pioneering project signifies a crucial advancement in automotive technology and intelligent driver assistance systems.

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Harness the power of AI as a cornerstone of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Explore cutting-edge solutions, from machine learning to neural networks, driving innovation in industries. Elevate your business with intelligent systems that redefine efficiency and create a transformative impact on the technological landscape.

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Dive into the world of Mobile App Development, where innovation meets user experience. Craft bespoke applications tailored to your vision, whether for iOS or Android, ensuring seamless functionality and aesthetic appeal. Stay ahead in the dynamic app market with our expert development services.

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Transform your digital presence through Web Development. From dynamic websites to robust web applications, our development expertise ensures a seamless online experience. Utilize the latest technologies to create responsive and feature-rich websites, driving engagement and success in the ever-evolving online ecosystem.


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